Our School

At Watts, we strive to create meaningful learning opportunities that prepare all students for success in college and career. Through a rigorous core curriculum that exceeds Common Core State Standards and partnerships with civic and community leaders and organizations, our students learn to connect abstract classroom concepts to real-world applications. As our students mature into leaders, we empower them to go beyond our walls to effectively create a just and humane world.

Key Curriculum Elements

By the time a student graduates from Watts, they will have fulfilled all necessary A–G coursework required for admission into University of California and/or California State University. Many will have completed Advanced Placement courses for college credit or have earned credits through our dual enrollment partnerships with Los Angeles Trade Technical College and Los Angeles City College. We offer a variety of support programs for students who need help with their studies, including tutoring and Saturday School, to ensure every student has the tools they need to achieve their dreams.

Academic Guidance
Our advisory program is just another layer of support students receive to prepare for their future success. Advisors hold students accountable for both their academic progress and their behavior, in addition to guiding them through their college-preparatory coursework and character development.


Through the use of technology our students travel the world without leaving their desks, develop organizational skills, and analyze data quickly and efficiently. When used properly, it can make learning easier and more fun.

At Watts, we understand the critical balance between using and abusing technology and the influence it has in shaping young minds. For the safety of our students, we devote significant resources to supporting its appropriate use in the classroom.

Students talking in the courtyard