Middle School Foundations

We are deeply focused on 21st-century academics. Watts offers a college- and career-preparatory curriculum, beginning with a strong middle school foundation in reading and language arts, math, science, social studies, and technical education courses.

Language Arts

Our English language arts and literacy curriculum addresses the reading, writing, language, speaking, and listening skills students need to master as they progress through school and on toward college and career. Our highly trained teachers guide each student through grade-level standards and encourage them to master the language through cross-curricular projects and activities.


The systematic study of math is essential to success in daily life. From making a purchase to analyzing sports statistics to engineering the next generation of technological devices, having a solid foundation in mathematical concepts opens minds and doors to exciting possibilities.


Our science curriculum encompasses the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. Our goal is to engage and motivate our students to explore their world in a hands-on way, cultivating the natural sense of wonder all students possess.

Social Studies

Understanding the past prepares us for the future. By looking back, we can gain a better understanding of historic events and people and interpret significant themes, ideas, beliefs, and turning points in the world. In our social studies classes, students analyze locations and regions and make connections by recognizing the natural and cultural norms that impact the way people and societies live and interact with each other and their environment.


Students in middle school also take a variety of practical electives such as keyboarding and research skills to help prepare them for future coursework.